The Donut Shop
Movie Trailer

Peoples Choice Award SFBFF
The Donut Shop Movie Producer: Umari Jason, Actress: LaCora Stephens and Executive Producer: Theo Ogunyode at SFBFF

SFBFF Red Carpet Gala
Executive Producer: Theo Ogunyode, Actress: LaCora Stephens and Producer: Umari Jason - The Donut Shop Movie

The Donut Shop Premier at SFBFF - Press interview with Theo Ogunyode and LaCora Stephens with host Larry Leach

The Donut Shop
Press Interview at SFBFF 2012


Best Comedy Award SDBFF
The Donut Shop producers: Umari Jason, Romel Jamison and Theo Ogunyode win Best Comedy Award at San Diego Black Film Fest.

Guest Host: Legendary Actress-Singer Diahann Carroll

Accepting Best Comedy Award at SDBFF

The Donut Shop
Producer - Writer - Actor: Theo Ogunyode at the Pan African film festival opening at The Directors Guild of America - Hollywood.


 Executive Producer: Theo Ogunyode, Actress: LaCora Stephens & Producer: Umari Jason at Pan African red carpet gala

 Umari & LaCora with Pan African Film Festival executive director: Ayuko Babu.

Umari Jason at red carpet press interview

 Jada Pinket Smith arrives for screenings

Theo Ogunyode, Umari Jason and The Donut Shop co-star Ebony Perry at BHERC Short Film Showcase.

The Donut Shop Executive Producer, Writer and Actor: Theo Ogunyode at BHERC African American Film Showcase.

Sony - Screen Gems Event
Michael Ealey with Umari Jason & Joy Bryant

Umari & Director Steve Pink (About Last Night)

Umari & Sony-Screen Gems President Clint Culpepper

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